Creative Writing Workshop

Posted: 16th May 2024

On Wednesday 15 May, a group of year seven students (including me!) were selected to take part in a creative writing workshop, hosted by world-known author Ann Sei Lin. Over the course of 1.5 hours, we learnt about the author’s childhood and her thought process in developing storylines, as well as some fun facts about Ann Sei Lin and her two books (Rebel Skies and Rebel Fire). Then, after creating our own characters and their personalities, we were given the opportunity to write our very own stories! Wacky, weird, wonderful or wholesome – all of the stories were amazing. It was so much fun to create our own characters (mine was called Saidie Jackson) and to bring them to life through creative writing! Finally, to finish off the session, we stood in a line at the back of the classroom and played a one-word story. This was a new experience for me – Ann started us off with ‘Once upon a time’, and we took it from there, each adding our own detail to the story using just one word. In the end, we created some very interesting plots, like a red chair eating a crocodile with lice. Overall, it was an amazing experience and allowed us to walk in the shoes of a proper certified author.

By Holly K, 7JG

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