Music at Lunchtime – Friday 10th May 2024

Posted: 16th May 2024

Ava K in year 7 started off with Dance Caprice by Christopher Bunting on the cello. She played furiously and expressively. Rory M in year 8 sang Tightrope from the Greatest Showman and accompanied herself on the piano. This showed her wide range of skill and she played sweetly and with lots of emotion. Nancy S in year 8 played Debussy’s Reverie on the piano. She played gorgeously, and overall the piece was very expressive and soothing. Stevie B in year 10 played Intermezzo by Mascagni on the flute. She had great control and her tone was sweet and tuneful. Chloe L in year 10 sang ‘Listen Before I Go’ by Billie Eilish. She accompanied herself on the guitar and she really conveyed the emotion of the song and she captured the crowd’s attention. Simran T in year 12 played Remembrances by John Williams from Schindler’s list. She played with so much emotion and really hit those soaring high notes. Well done everyone!! You can listen to this week’s music at lunchtime here:

Reviewed by Hannah D and Natalia B

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