RSC Schools’ Analyst Competition

Posted: 17th May 2024

In this year’s competition, our Year 12 students assumed the role of analytical chemists assisting their local Trading Standards Office to investigate some unusual products on sale at the Super Sugar Candy Store. The store sells sweets, treats, and drinks from around the world, but the Trading Standards officers suspect that some of the items contain ingredients that are restricted or are being used in incorrect amounts.

The students were provided with some samples of items taken from the store for analysis. They had to use their skills as analytical chemists to determine if the items were safe for consumption and contained the correct ingredients as stated on the packaging. The tasks included the quantification of vitamin C in vitamin tablets, determination of the dye content in imported candy sweets, and the volumetric analysis of baking soda in a cake mixture.

Well done to Maya C, Catrin C, Lucy H, Sophie L, Caroline L, Tara M, Ava P, Bella P, Zoe Q, Saskia R, Charlotte S, Charlotte T, and Priya T. They all worked successfully in their teams to solve the challenges and submitted their results online; fingers crossed they got close to the actual values and that we get good news later this term.

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