Music at Lunchtime – Friday 17th May

Posted: 23rd May 2024

Last week at Music at Lunchtime, we had a packed recital, including a range of talent! Firstly, we heard from the Clarinet Crew: Georgie M, Claudia D, Nuha I, Flores MP, all in Year 9. They played La Ci Darem La Mano Mozart, and were very together, playing fabulously. Then we heard from Sophie C 7KN, who sung Heart of Stone with great emotion. Next, Beth H 7JG sung the classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It was expressive and very captivating. Then we heard from Hettie F 7CWI who played Moon River on the trombone – which was a real pleasure to listen to. After, Nuha returned to the stage and played a fantastic solo of Sunny Blue on the clarinet. Following this, Kira S 10DK took to the piano with her amazing rendition of Rumores de La Caleta Albeniz, without any music! Finally, Scarlett D and Eliza C in Year 12 closed the show with a performance of ‘Who will love me as I am?’ – this duet was a great way to end the recital – do listen here:


Reviewed by Georgie G and Natalia B

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