Chatting with Channing – Navigating the Admissions Process

Posted: 11th June 2024

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In the latest episode of “Chatting with Channing,” we’re thrilled to welcome Rosie Gilleece, Channing School’s dedicated Registrar. Rosie oversees every aspect of the admissions process across both the Junior and Senior schools. Join us as we dive into her journey into admissions, the unique aspects of Channing’s admissions process, and the common questions prospective parents have.

Rosie shares insights into what drew her to the world of admissions and how her background in analytical science has equipped her for the role. She gives a detailed overview of the admissions timeline, from the initial inquiry to the final offer letter, and explains the different intakes at Channing, including the main entry points at 4+, 11+, and 16+.

Rosie also highlights the importance of getting to know each prospective student personally, through one-on-one interviews and comprehensive assessments. This episode is packed with valuable information for parents considering Channing School for their child and offers a behind-the-scenes look at what makes the admissions process at Channing unique.

Tune in to “Chatting with Channing” to hear more about how Rosie and her team ensure a seamless and supportive experience for every applicant.