Alumnae Summer Reunion 2024

Posted: 17th June 2024

summer reunion at school

Our cup is well and truly overflowing with delight following another great Alumnae Summer Reunion.

Some favourite quotes from the evening:

OMG, this was our Leavers’ Song…  (cue sing-a-long and dance moves)

Parker Pen or Ballpoint?

What happened to the wooden desks with the ink wells?

I still remember sneaking down to the kitchen for a midnight snack!

Hang on, you’re telling me they [the students] have this whole building to themselves…WOW, that’s amazing!

Former and current staff really enjoyed meeting and catching up with you all and plans are already afoot for the next academic year: 2024/25 – can you beleive it?! Our next cycle of alumnae events will start again in the Autumn Term with the annual Drinks in (area to be disclosed)…, followed by the Networking Event and Certificates Evening (Class of 2024) in the Spring Term and then the Summer Reunion to round up the year.

Enjoy flicking through the pictures: we hope it brings back even more memories from your time here years ago, as well as more recent ones we hope you will add to your collection…we certainly have.

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