National School Theatre Awards Review: Alice in Wonderland – A seamless creative triumph!

Posted: 19th June 2024

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The National School Theatre Awards have reviewed our recent Alice in Wonderland Production:

The production of “Alice in Wonderland,” directed by Lauren Vince and held on Thursday, May 16th, showcased a remarkable fusion of creativity, professionalism, and dedication. With costumes and set design by Jess Maliphant-Gray and production management by Simon Maliphant-Gray, the performance stood out as a testament to the team’s superb execution and attention to detail. The evening began on a high note with a courteous and efficient Front of House team that ensured a smooth and pleasant entry for the audience, reflecting the overall meticulous organisation of the event.

From start to finish, the production maintained a high level of professionalism. Scene changes were executed seamlessly, maintaining the flow of the performance without disrupting the audience’s immersion in the fantastical world of Wonderland. The set and props, thoughtfully designed and effectively utilised, enhanced the imaginative setting. The strategic use of screens added depth to the scenes, allowing the audience to envision the varied landscapes of Wonderland more vividly.

The costumes and makeup were exceptional, capturing the essence of each character and adding vibrancy to every scene. Each costume not only highlighted the individuality of the characters but also contributed to the overall visual appeal of the production. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect, from the elaborate designs to the carefully chosen colour palettes.

The cast, a cohesive and talented group of performers, delivered their roles with passion and precision. Their collective energy and commitment were palpable, creating a dynamic and engaging performance. Maya, in the role of Alice, displayed excellent diction and sustained her performance energy throughout the play. Daisy, as the White Rabbit, brought exuberance to her character, making her presence felt in every scene. Ellie’s effective use of gesture and body language added humour to her portrayal of Alice Mabel, while Eliana, as Alice Ada, captivated the audience with her expressive voice and stage presence.

Manon, playing the Dormouse, demonstrated meticulous attention to performance detail, delivering an entertaining and memorable portrayal. Sonia owned her role as the Caterpillar, bringing it to life with confidence and flair. Sloane and Nell both exhibited fantastic stage presence, contributing significantly to the overall performance. Ruby, as The Queen of Hearts, infused her character with superb stage presence and sass, while Olivia’s exuberant portrayal of The Duchess added a lively touch to the scenes. Lorina also stood out with her high energy and dynamic performance on stage.

One of the standout moments of the evening was the Tea Party scene. The blocking, facial expressions, and vibrant interactions among the characters made this scene particularly momentous. The dramatic timing was impeccable, creating a memorable and entertaining segment. Similarly, the Trial scene was visually spectacular, with impressive staging and a compelling delivery that held the audience’s attention.

The hard work, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to the production were evident in every aspect of the performance. The entire team, from the cast to those supporting behind the scenes, demonstrated a level of professionalism and dedication that elevated the production to a professional standard. The energy and commitment from all involved were clearly reflected in the quality of the performance.

This production of “Alice in Wonderland” was an outstanding showcase of talent and creativity. The cast should be incredibly proud of their performances, and the entire team behind the production deserves commendation for their exceptional work. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and expertly executed rendition of a classic tale, leaving the audience impressed and entertained. Well done to all who contributed to this incredible show!

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