Careers in sport week

Careers In Sport Week

Daniel Geey, Lawyer

“As we (Year 9s) approach the time where we will choose our GCSEs, many of us dread the thought of closing off our options and having to choose, eventually, one field of study. Mr Geey, however, has combined two of the things he is the most curious about, sport and law. When asked, someone in the audience said that she enjoyed playing sport, but was also interested in medicine, and wanted to combine the two by being a team medic. Many of us have interests that we don’t want to let go, and Mr Geey has given us insight into how to combine them into a productive career path. As well as this, he talked about ‘success’ and destigmatising the word ‘failure’, which was especially important for us to hear, as Channing students are prone to worrying a lot about test scores!

After telling us about his job, he described how he juggled parenthood and working full time at a law firm. This being already incredibly impressive in itself, he also had only 18 months to write a manuscript for his book, ‘Done Deal’. Rather than explaining his success, he inspired us by describing the amount of pressure he was under, and how resilient he had to be.”

Eve & Opal,Year 9

Emma Goldberg, Sports TV Presenter

“Yesterday afternoon on 1 December, Ms Goldberg came and talked to us about her job. She works behind the scenes in Sports TV.This was really interesting and she answered many of our questions such as “why does live TV have a lag time before being broadcast?”. The answer is that when it is sent via the fibres, it takes 3 seconds to travel to your screen. Also, we wanted to know how races are filmed. She told us that months before the race they go to the track and set up cameras from all the edges to film from every angle so they don’t miss any of the action. I am really glad she came to talk to us, and I hope she visits again in the future.”

Elodie,Year 7

Claire Missingham, Yoga Teacher, wellbeing writer

“Today we learnt about how we can choose whatever career we want and how yoga is great for mindfulness.We also learnt that we should devote ourselves to the things we love and ‘find our people’. We would like to thank Mrs Missingham for coming to talk to us.”

Anne,Year 7