Year 12 politics trip to parliament

Year 12 Politics Trip to Parliament

On Tuesday 5th October, Ms Devine and Ms Garrill accompanied our year 12 politics classes on a tour of Parliament. The guided tour took us through all the main buildings, including the House of Lords and the House of Commons, seeing where all the MPs work and properly viewing how our government functions on a day to day basis. We also walked through the Royal robing room and the Victoria tower, where the Queen would enter Parliament on important occasions, finishing at Westminster Hall where King Charles 1 was beheaded and King Henry VIII held royal banquets. Afterwards, we were quizzed on our knowledge of the government and participated in a debate over euthanasia, earning points and competing in teams. The tour guide was incredibly informative, and we learnt that members of the public can view debates in either the House of Commons or Lords, which I hope to attend one day. We were also encouraged to contact our school’s local MP, Catherine West, to help make change in our community. The tour was incredibly impressive and we all gained a better understanding of how our country is run.

Anna 12CG