The investigation of visual phenomena in its myriad forms, in practical terms, utilising traditional and contemporary methodology. Drawing as a fundamental activity can underpin applications and academic research now forms part of the second year of the course.

Board and Specification Code

OCR Specification code H600

Is Art for you?

Art is for creative, maverick students, those who can draw, those who like to take risks and those fascinated by visual phenomena.

Course content/components

  • Unit 1. Personal Investigation: Comprises coursework portfolio, final solution and written personal study.
  • Unit 2. Externally set assignment: Creative development of a given theme. Concludes with 15 hour controlled element.

Recommended Entry Requirement

At least GCSE Art at Grade 7/A. Exceptions can be made for candidates demonstrating potential.

Post A Level 0ptions

Essential for most Art-related disciplines especially Art Foundation courses and Fine Art degrees.

Great Art picks up where nature ends.

Marc Chagall