The main reason to study History is so we do not repeat it. The world’s greatest leaders, visionaries, lawmakers, and writers have all studied history in one way or another. By examining the past, we can predict and protect the future. Mould it. Shape it. Rearrange it into whatever kind of future we strive for.

Board and specification code

AQA: Specification Code 7042

Is History for you?

History is for students who enjoy investigating the events, leaders, peoples and beliefs of the past. History explains why the world is the way it is, whilst suggesting what it could be. At its heart History teaches students to identify and challenge bias, understand cause and consequence and analyse the decisions people made and their effects.

Course content/components

  • Component 1: Breadth Study: The Tudors: England, 1485-1603
  • Component 2: Depth Study: International Relations and Global Conflict, c1890-1941
  • Component 3: Historical Investigation: a personal study based on c.100 year period of Civil Rights in the USA

Recommended Entry Requirement

At least Grade 7/A in GCSE History or English Literature or History.

Post-A Level options

History leads to a multitude of careers far beyond the ones people assume such as ‘History teacher’ or ‘Historian’. Aside from the obvious, History supports degrees in Law, English, Politics, Journalism, Philosophy, Economics to name but a few.

I chose History because I have always had an interest in the past; I find it deeply interesting to learn as it helps to gain an understanding of the world we live in today and how things have come to be.

Former Channing Student