Miss Hamalis’ Bulletin – Monday 30 October 2023

Posted: 30th October 2023

Miss Hamalis, Head Of Channing Junior School

Dear Parents 

It was a delight to return to school this morning and see the girls and staff ready to embark on a new half term. Today, we conclude Black History Month and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. It has been inspiring to see the girls’ enthusiasm and participation in the various workshops that have been running, led by external facilitators as well as Mr Fellows, Miss Lynch and Mrs Munro. Today has been an active day filled with graffiti and music workshops for Years 3-6 and breakdancing for everyone from Reception. 

As a Unitarian school, we hold dear the values of kindness, tolerance, respect, and inclusivity. These principles are woven into the fabric of our every action. Furthermore, we take pride in recognising and embracing the unique qualities that distinguish every member of the Channing community, fostering a rich tapestry of diversity within our community. As educators, one of our key responsibilities is instilling in the girls the values of respect and kindness towards one another. During today’s assembly, I reminded the girls of the Channing Promise. This commitment was developed collaboratively by pupils from both the Junior and Senior School with the  purpose of creating a harmonious and positive atmosphere within our school.

We place a strong emphasis on encouraging positive behaviour and recognising the girls’ efforts, whether they’re in the classroom, in the playground, or participating in extracurricular activities. The girls adhere to the Channing Promise and strive to be the best version of themselves. Individual achievements are rewarded with House Points, Girls Enjoying Success Awards and Channing Character stickers. Additionally, Forms receive recognition through Conabor Time, Star of the Week in Reception and KS1, and the collection of gems in a jar awarded to Forms for lining up promptly and respectfully after break and lunchtime.

Nonetheless, it is equally important to teach the girls that actions have consequences, especially when they do not reflect the best version of themselves or our school’s values. Unkindness is not tolerated within our community, and we have a range of sanctions in place to address undesirable behaviour. These sanctions are applied in a progressive manner, allowing for a measured response to ongoing instances of misconduct. Our unwavering commitment is to maintain an environment where every individual not only finds acceptance but also experiences a genuine sense of belonging and inclusion.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Channing Association Fireworks at Stanhope Road on Saturday. 

With warm wishes 

Miss Dina Hamalis 

Head of the Junior School


Staff News & Contact Details

Staff News

This half term, we warmly welcome Miss Pala as a permanent member of the team. She will continue working as a teaching assistant across both Reception Forms. 

Additionally, we welcome back Mrs Khan (nee Clancy) following her maternity leave. The plan was for her to take over as a Year 4 Form Teacher for the rest of the academic year. As she has recently shared the exciting news that she is pregnant with her second child, Miss Parmar has agreed to continue as Form Teacher for the entirety of Year 4 in order to ensure that the girls have consistency. To reflect this change, the form will now be called Y4P (rather than Y4K). We did, of course, share this news with the parents and girls in this Form before half term. 

Staff Contact Information

Please find the email contact details of the staff: JS Key Contact information. Please could we ask that your specific query is directed to the appropriate individual and anything of a more serious nature is directed to a member of the Senior Team. Please note that Miss Hamalis needs to approve all requests for absences so please send them via The Junior School office:

In order to prevent unnecessary awkwardness and/or embarrassment, please remember to address members of staff by their title and surname. 

Please be mindful that staff may not pick up emails immediately (teachers will, of course, not be checking emails when they are teaching, running clubs or supervising pupils at break and lunchtimes) and may choose to take time to investigate the matter before responding. However, they will endeavour to answer your queries within 24 hours. Please do not think that a lack of instant response means a lack of interest on the part of the member of staff. 

Please note that staff are not expected to reply to emails outside normal school hours, weekends or during school holidays.  If you have an emergency which needs to be dealt with before school next opens, please email: Please do not send communications or information to or

Calendar & Events

School Calendar

You can view all events for the year in the school calendar via our Parent Portal: SchoolBase login. Your calendar view should already be filtered to display the Junior School events and events which are specific to your daughter’s year group. 

The ‘School Calendar Parent View’ button shows the complete calendar, which can be viewed by each month, week or day. Events also appear on the right-hand side of the home page under ‘Forthcoming Events’ and the monthly view of the calendar also appears at the bottom of the home page. 

Tooled Up Education Launch Webinar: Tuesday 31 October 7-8pm

To launch our subscription to Tooled Up Education, an invaluable digital library of evidence-based resources on all aspects of parenting, education and family life, we are holding a webinar including a live Q&A session with Dr Weston on Tuesday 31 October 7-8pm. Founder, Dr Kathy Weston, has collated the best and most up-to-date research from around the world and distilled it into usable, easy to understand resources which can be instantly applied to daily life. 

Please note that the webinar will be recorded for you to watch at a later date. We are aware that many of you will be out trick-or-treating with your children that evening. 

During the webinar, you will receive instructions on how to create your account on Tooled Up Education along with our unique School PIN code that is required to register. 

Once registered you will have immediate access to the entire library of articles, videos, tips to try, worksheets and podcasts, specifically curated for parents.  

Please attend this talk if you are able to and make sure you register for access to this unique library of resources. We hope to see you there.

Webinar link:


Club Cancellations

Due to the Key Stage 2 Specialist Parents’ Evening, the following clubs will be cancelled on Wednesday 1 November: 

  • Key Stage 1 Arts & Crafts 
  • Years 3 & 4 Hockey
  • Years 3 & 4 Partnership Choir 

To sign your daughter(s) up for Mini Owls and/or Late Owls instead, please contact the Office at

Please also note, that all after-school clubs will be cancelled on Friday 1 December due to the Winter Fair (before school clubs will run as usual): 

  • Key Stage 1 Multisports
  • Years 3&4 Football 
  • Key Stage 2 Karate

Waterlow Food Bank Collection

The first food bank collection of the academic year, for the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, will be running from Wednesday 1 November – Thursday 30 November. If your daughter is in Waterlow House, please ask her to place donations in one of the blue, labelled Food Bank collection bins in the courtyard. 

Suggested items for donations include: washing tablets, tinned/canned produce, pasta (and sauces), rice, spices, olive oil, juices, stocks, cereals, tea and coffee. Please ensure all items are long-life produce, as regrettably,  fresh items cannot be donated. Clean sauce pots (from your favourite takeaway), egg cartons and tupperware are also helpful donations as it helps the food bank volunteers to share out items.


Lunch Menus

Lunch Menus

The girls (and staff) are very lucky to have a delicious and nutritious lunch every day. Have a look at the menu options for this term on the website

Update from the DfE - vaccination

Measles/MMR Vaccination

Measles cases are rising across the country, with over 102,000 children starting primary school in England being at risk of catching the disease. Measles is highly infectious and, if left unvaccinated, nine out of ten children in a classroom can catch the disease if just one child is infectious. Please see more information in the Back to school MMR Guidance from the NHS, as well as example social media posts which can be found here: NHS Vaccine Poster and NHS MMR Poster.


Chatting with Channing

Chatting with Channing - Talking to Lead Counsellor at the Senior School, Jennifer Barnaby

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Channing Website

This episode features an insightful conversation with Jennifer Barnaby, the Lead Counsellor at the Senior School. We delve into understanding her role, the range of services available to the students, and the significance of her position. Furthermore, Jennifer graciously shares her top recommendations for enhancing mental well-being, offering valuable insights for everyone. Stay tuned as Arabella engages in an enriching discussion with Jennifer Barnaby, the Lead Counsellor at the Senior School.

Channing Association News

Winter Fair - Tickets now on Sale!

Narnia is coming to the Junior School and tickets are now on sale! After school on Friday 1 December (no clubs or Mini/Late Owls), the girls with their families are invited to venture through the wardrobe to explore an enchanted Narnia Wonderland, where the children will discover Santa’s Grotto and themes from the beloved story ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’.

We encourage you to enjoy the book or the film with your children prior to the Winter Fair, and look forward to welcoming you for a magical Christmassy afternoon.

Buy tickets here:

Pre-order a 2023 Channing Winter Fair tea towel or tote bag, hand-illustrated by Y3 mum Mrs Nicole Mitchell: 

Event details on Classlist here:

Winter Fair - Final Call For Raffle Prizes!

There will be a fundraising raffle (in aid of Great Ormond St Hospital) drawn at the close of the Winter Fair.  If you have a product, service or experience you could donate as a prize, we would be most grateful – please email with any donation offers.

Raffle tickets will go on sale this Friday 3 November via Classlist.

Funds raised by the CA are allocated to three core pillars: supporting the girls, fostering a sense of community amongst Channing families, and raising money for charitable causes.

Fireworks Event

The CA Fireworks Night is this Saturday 4 November.  See information here:

Whilst tickets have sold out there is a waiting list you can sign up to.