Miss Hamalis’ Bulletin – Monday 18 March 2024

Posted: 18th March 2024

Miss Hamalis, Head Of Channing Junior School

Dear Parents  

As we embark on Healthy Schools Week, I wanted to take a moment to highlight how we prioritise the health education of our girls. This initiative goes beyond simply promoting physical wellbeing; it’s about nurturing holistic health practices that empower the girls to excel academically, socially and emotionally.

Healthy Schools Week provides a valuable platform for instilling lifelong habits that contribute to overall wellbeing. By dedicating time and resources to this cause, we are equipping the girls with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about their health, not just for now, but for the future as well.

Here are a few reasons why focusing on their health is so crucial:

  • Foundation for Lifelong Habits: Instilling healthy habits from a young age lays the groundwork for a lifetime of wellbeing. Children who learn these habits early are more likely to carry them into adulthood.
  • Physical Health: Promoting healthy behaviours like regular exercise, proper nutrition and good hygiene will help the girls maintain optimal physical health, strengthening their immune systems and reducing the risk of obesity.
  • Mental Wellbeing: Teaching strategies for managing stress, expressing emotions and building resilience (like Resilience Robin) can help the girls cope with challenges and develop positive mental health habits.
  • Academic Performance: Research consistently shows a strong link between physical health and academic performance. Healthy children tend to have better concentration, memory and cognitive function, leading to improved academic outcomes.
  • Social Skills: Healthy children are more likely to engage in social activities and develop positive relationships with their peers. By promoting health-conscious behaviours, we can foster a supportive and inclusive environment where the girls feel valued and connected.
  • Responsibility and Independence: Learning to take care of their health fosters a sense of responsibility (like Responsibility Badger) and independence (like Independence Owl) in children. Teaching them to make informed choices empowers them to take control of their own wellbeing.
  • Prevention of Illness: Educating the girls about preventive measures such as handwashing and proper nutrition can help reduce the spread of illnesses within the school community.

In summary, prioritising the girls’ health education is essential for promoting their overall wellbeing, academic success and future quality of life. It empowers them to make healthy choices and thrive in all aspects of their lives. 

I am looking forward to the exciting array of activities aimed at promoting holistic wellbeing for our pupils. Throughout the week, we will be delving into different aspects of health, fostering mindfulness and nurturing a sense of community spirit. Below is an overview of the engaging activities awaiting the girls:

  • Self-Care Monday: We kick off the week by highlighting the importance of self-care. The girls will have the opportunity to spend time in our specially designed sensory room and will create their own self-care plan for the week.
  • Think about your Buddy Tuesday: This day is dedicated to cultivating empathy and support within our school community. The girls will have the chance to create beautiful flowers for their House Buddies, followed by House Buddy playtime during break.
  • Get Outdoors Wednesday: Embracing the wonders of the great outdoors, the girls will enjoy time in our enchanting Forest School. Additionally, the Sustainability Team will participate in a national litter-picking initiative, the Great British Spring Clean, contributing to the betterment of our community (and the country!). 
  • Screen-Free Thursday: A day devoted to disconnecting from screens and embracing real-life interactions. We encourage you to support this initiative at home by exploring alternative activities that foster creativity and socialisation with your daughter.
  • Thoughtful Friday: The pinnacle of our week, where we shift our focus to giving back to those in need. 

Leading up to the end of the week, we invite every member of the Channing community to contribute items they no longer need to the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation. From adult and children’s books and clothes to toys and gadgets, every donation makes a meaningful impact. Donations can be dropped off in the courtyard between 7.30am and 8.20am each morning.

Additionally, we will be selling raffle tickets every morning for enticing prizes: a signed and framed England women’s rugby shirt (£5 per ticket) and the opportunity for your daughter to swap places with Miss Bolton, Head of Sport, for the day (£2 per ticket). All proceeds will be donated to the London Air Ambulance, an organisation committed to saving lives across the capital. Rhiannon, a representative from the charity, spoke to the girls in assembly this morning to provide further insight into their incredible work. Notably, she explained how two new helicopters are needed to continue their work. Our fundraising efforts this week will be contributing directly to these essential new vehicles. Should we raise more than £100, the charity will add ‘Channing Junior School’ to the side of one of the life-saving helicopters. Raffle tickets will be on sale from 7.30am to 8.20am each morning this week. Tickets will be available to buy in cash, as well as online. 

To buy raffle tickets online, please see below: 

Friday will also be ‘wear it orange’ non-uniform day chosen because the London Air Ambulance lifesaving team wears orange jumpsuits. We encourage the girls to wear something orange that they already have at home, whether it be clothes, hair accessories or face paint. There will be stalls set up in the playground during lunchtime for activities and fun including: nail art and glitter, face painting, sponge a teacher, guess the number of fruit Yoyos in a jar, guess the number of house points in a jar, basketball shoot out and beat the teacher! Everything will be £1 so please give any change to your daughters to bring into school in a named, secure purse. 

We are incredibly excited about Healthy Schools Week and the invaluable opportunity it offers to reinforce to the girls the importance of prioritising their wellbeing and actively contributing to the broader community. I extend a heartfelt thank you to Miss Bolton, Head of Sport and Miss Wright, Assistant Head Co-Curricular for orchestrating such a fantastic week full of activities. Their dedication and enthusiasm have been instrumental in shaping this event into a meaningful and impactful experience for the girls.

Happy Nanakshahi to our Sikh families celebrating last week! 

Nowruz Mobarak to our Iranian families celebrating this week! 

With warm wishes 

Miss Dina Hamalis
Head of the Junior School

Calendar & Events

School Calendar

You can view all events for the year in the school calendar via our Parent Portal: SchoolBase login. Your calendar view should already be filtered to display the Junior School events and events which are specific to your daughter’s year group. 

The ‘School Calendar Parent View’ button shows the complete calendar, which can be viewed by each month, week or day. Events also appear on the right-hand side of the home page under ‘Forthcoming Events’ and the monthly view of the calendar also appears at the bottom of the home page.

Latest Tooled Up Courses for Parents

We have collaborated with Tooled Up Education: an invaluable digital library of evidence-based resources on all aspects of parenting, education and family life. Founder, Dr Kathy Weston, has collated the best and most up-to-date research from around the world and distilled it into usable, easy to understand resources which can be instantly applied to daily life. 

Channing Pin: cha0706

For upcoming Tooled Up Courses and Events please click here

  • Tuesday 19 March 1pm ~ Autism and Girls 
  • Thursday 21 March 12pm ~ Single Parenthood
  • Friday 19 April 10:30am ~ When Children & Young People Struggle to Attend School – How schools & parents can work together


We will be holding Summer Term Practical music examinations during Monday 20 – Thursday 23 May for candidates in both the Junior and Senior School. These examinations are also open to candidates who have practical music tuition outside of school, providing their teacher has stated that they are ready to take an ABRSM Practical examination this term. 

Please note: regrettably, Year 6 pupils will be unable to take their examination in the Summer Term, as they are away on a residential trip the week the examinations take place in May.

As we need parental consent before we enter candidates, parents need to complete the online form by 4pm tomorrow (Tuesday 19 March) at the latest. Regrettably, we will be unable to process late applications.

Holiday Camp Opportunities: Active Day Camps & Chess

Active Day Camps will be running their Multi-Activity Camp throughout the Easter holidays. This will take place at St Michael’s Primary School. For more information and booking please click here.

Wallace Chess will be running their Chess Holiday camp too. These will take place in Swiss Cottage & Kensington. For more information and booking please click here.

Charity & Outreach

All About The Bow

The Senior School Young Enterprise Team are going to be selling their beautiful hair accessories from their business All About The Bow on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March. Bows will be available to buy after school in the courtyard, from 3pm. Prices range from £2-£4 for a single bow and £5-£8 for a set of three.

Health & Welfare


We all know that having worms can be irritating and time consuming to manage. We encourage everyone to check on their daughter and treat it seriously so we can stop the spread. If we all increase our hygiene then we will eventually reduce the spread of worms. Please remind your daughter (as we do at school) to thoroughly wash her hands every time she goes to the toilet and before eating. For further information:

Channing Association News

Treasurer & Form Reps for School Year 2024/25: Could It Be You?

The CA is recruiting and confirming Form Reps and a new Treasurer, parent volunteers for the next school year (2024/25). If you would like to continue or step into the role for your daughter’s form or have any questions, please email 

The role of the Rep is to help run CA-organised events and activities for our girls and their families, to organise form and year group socials, and to manage subs / arrange seasonal gifts for teachers. You are supported by the Co-Chairs throughout the year.

North London Laughs Comedy Night: Wednesday 20 March - SOLD OUT

North London Laughs Comedy Night is a sell out! We look forward to welcoming you to a night of laughter and socialising this Wednesday evening. The bar at Alexandra Palace will be open to Channing families from 6:30pm, and the show starts at 7:30pm. 

Award-winning comedian Richard Herring will be replacing Rob Delaney in the line-up.

The CA will donate all proceeds to Great Ormond Street’s Gastroenterology Department.

CA Swimathon In Aid of Hypo Hounds: Saturday 23 March

The CA charity swimathon is this Saturday afternoon. Girls should come wearing their swimsuit under their clothes for a quick change as the changing facilities are relatively small and there will be a lot of swimmers getting ready and changing.

Please ensure your daughter is ready 10 mins before her allocated time slot. You will need to accompany her poolside and count her laps. To be able to go poolside, adults should bring flip flops or collect shoe covers at the pool, and note the room temp is very warm. 

For safety, your daughter must be able to swim at least one length (18m) on her back and front unaided, and she must be accompanied on the day by an adult at the poolside. There will be professional lifeguards on duty.

Venue: Poolside Manor Swimming Pool, Lyndhurst Gardens N3 1TD

Time: Saturday 23 March, between 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Time slots: Swimathon Sign Up

Event details and sponsorship form:

Charity: Hypo Hounds Hypo Hounds

CA Summer Fair: ChanFest Planning Meeting this Friday - All Welcome

All parents are welcome to join the CA Rep Planning Meeting for the annual summer fair, which will be festival themed.  If you would like to get involved and hear about this year’s plans, please join us in Cote, across the road from the Junior School at 8:15am on Friday 22 March. The meeting is led by the CA Co-Chairs, and will be supported by Mr Entwisle, Deputy Head.

Channing Association Choir: Information & Rehearsals

The CA Parent and Teacher Choir meets fortnightly in term time on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at St Michael’s Church in Highgate. The choir is open to all genres of music, and there is a small cost per person per session to cover venue hire and sheet music.

Upcoming rehearsal dates are: 21 March, 25 April, 9 May, 6 and 20 June, and 4 July. 

For any questions and to sign up please email

PreLoved Uniform: Place Donations in Courtyard Bins - Next Sale in April, Date TBC

We are always building our preloved uniform stock up and welcome donations. Please continue to place any preloved uniform items in good condition, unlabeled, washed, and bagged in the blue bins in the courtyard. We are particularly looking for uniform items in sizes 24, 26 and 28.

Diary Dates for Spring & Summer Terms

  • Wednesday 20 March – CA Charity Comedy Night, North London Laughs
  • Thursday 21 March – Next CA choir rehearsal
  • Friday 22 March – CA ChanFest planning meeting – 8:15am in Cote, across the road from the Junior School. Reps and non-rep parents are welcome to join.
  • Saturday 23 March – Channing Association Charity Swimathon 
  • April TBC post Easter break – PreLoved Uniform Sale
  • Sunday 9 June – Summer Fair “ChanFest 2024”

Chatting with Channing

A Conversation with Mr Peter Boxall, Director of Music

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Step into the world of music with our latest podcast episode featuring Mr Boxall, Director of Music at Channing Senior School. In this engaging conversation, Mr Boxall shares insights into his musical journey, the vibrant Music Department at Channing, unforgettable performances, and the integration of technology in music education.

Musical Journey: Learn about Mr Boxall’s inspiring journey into music, from his early fascination with the pipe organ to his role as Director of Music at Channing School.

Channing’s Music Department: Explore the dynamic Music Department where pupils have access to state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of musical activities.

Memorable Performances: Discover the highlights of Mr Boxall’s career, including grand concerts at prestigious venues and recitals at St Joseph’s Church.

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